Convert Curiosity into Sales With

Increase income and brand value
by making a good first impression and
saving time on manually sorting out leads.

In this era of growing digital economy, you're competing against thousands of similar businesses. You don't know how to bring out your uniqueness and it's affecting the quality of your business and your life.

The time you’re spending on chasing leads is increasing along with your stress levels. You're releasing content, you're throwing more hours in, but nothing works well enough.

A professional landing page converts customer’s curiosity into the specific action without you having to DM or cold-call them.

- You'll have a simple and effective way to sell your courses, community memberships, masterclasses or other events online or in-person, or free trials.
-People praise you for having an attractive and professional page to display your calendly link, encourage subscribing or offer a freebie to collect their emails.

Imagine yourself sending out an invoice after another, and seeing that income flowing into your bank account. Less hours, more income, more time for the people and things you love.


● Increased return of investment (ROI) in marketing. Nearly 10% of your landing page visitors will become your customers.

● Less time spent on chasing potential buyers aka known as leads.

● Reduced stress levels. You don’t have to guess what works or doesn’t. Based on analytical feedback you make adjustments.

●More time to spend to nurture connections and convert them into your loyal customers.

Landing Page is Your Solution if

You have a clear offer and you’d like to convert the customer's curiosity into a specific action.

You've been churning through potential clients but are unable to convert them

You want to automate the sales/ subscription process but confused over the how to

You tried automating but ended up manually sorting out leads

You’d like to add content/more value/insights to your offer

Process To Reach Your Results

Discovery phase

Gather relevant info about your business

Create and test

Build the landing pages


Publish and connect to domain, track performance


Adjust based on feedback


About Me

Jackson Fong

I grew fascinated with people developing skills online and sharing their value with others. Landing pages was that pathway and I love seeing how different parts of creating landing pages relate to customer experience.My biggest challenge so far has been creating a landing page in a language I don't speak for people, who had never had a landing page before with a tight deadline. In the end I had two more happy customers.